Drive Carefully; Greek votives, a mule rider in the fog, ancient tool: scissors, modern tool: a magnetic video wand, leaving Las Vegas

Drive Carefully, mixed media,  30”x44” 

Arizona Suite Pasco; A great photographer, Pasco DiCarlo, in an Arizona pool room. This photo predicts his loss. Perhaps this is a map looking for my lost friend. I miss him.

Arizona Suite: Pasco, archival digital print, 26”x52” 

A map to a lost friend, he missed the harvest, I missed him

Aphrodite and Persephone. One goddess for the daylight world the other for the underworld. The Venus was from Vladivostok in the basement of an art school. Photography, drawing and painting.

Aphrodite and Persephone, mixed media, 27”x79” 

Harvest, Tools, Hands

Harvest Tools Hands, mixed media, 31”x35”

Color Test Death Valley Multiplex Methods, mixed media, 74”x50”

The Flowering

The Flowering, mixed media, 41”x33”  

Cadillac Argus 'the all seeing one' archival digital print, 26"x38"

Nostos #1, mixed media, 37"x52"

Nostos #2 mixed media on canvas, 40"x66"

Ladies of the Village. Lynistaina, Greece.

Ladies of the Village, mixed media, 31’x47”

Akrotiri, archival digital print, 28"x40" 

"The people fled Akrotiri but left behind a hint of their civilization."

Loves of the Saint, mixed media, 45”x30”

Family Constellation, mixed media on cradleboard, 40"x30"

Goddess Chrysalis

Goddess Chrysalis, mixed media, 30”x40”

George and Stavroula, mixed media, 39"x50"

Devi Nakon Goddesses, mixed media, 22"x30"

Alternate Bella Medea, archival digital print, 26"x38"

Bella, a Berlin angel, a gun emplacement on the Pacific coast, a temple, constructions in Africa

Bella Medea, mixed media, 43"x28" 

Killed 1963, mixed media, 31”x47” 

In the space of five months in 1963 the Buddhist monk Thich Quang Ducself self-immolated in Vietnam, the 'four little girls' were killed in the Birmingham church bombing and President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

Kennedy Strip, archival digital print, 39"x28"

Berlin Metro Greek German American Cooperation

Berlin Metro German Greek American Cooperation, mixed media, 43"x23"

Joan on the Porch, archival digital print from 35mm, 14"x30"

Navajo Penasco, archival digital print from 35mm, 13"x30"

Texas Medea

Texas Medea, archival digital print from 35mm, 27”x40” 

Medea is evoked by film actor and performance artist Rafika Chawishe. All the images are in-camera double exposures of Rafika and views in and around Archer City, Texas including one of Larry McMurtry's esoteric book stores. The film The Last Picture Show directed by Peter Bogdanovich and based on McMurtry's novel was also filmed here.

 "Life Is Too $hort" mixed media assemblage 62"x47"

Too $hort & Oaktown Crew from his premiere album and music video, Life Is Too $hort, Oakland, California, 

In studio with "Life Is Too Short" in progress

the artist's studio, mixed media, 26"x40"

the artist studio, mixed media, 26"x40"

Yia Yia House, archival digital print, 26"x38"

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